Where was I again?

traveln., to advance or proceed

I’m here in San Diego, all the way from, er, San Diego…

Okay, I guess that’s not traveling, but if that is my definition, well, then technically, isn’t it?

Someone once asked me why I take pictures of landmarks instead of with them.  I mindlessly asked, “What’s the difference?” while clicking away and they responded, “Anyone can take that picture, but how can you prove you really traveled there?”

Since then, aside from being in front of the camera more often, I realized my goal all along was to prove I was traveled, not just physically, but that I “advanced” or “proceeded” with something, somewhere, somehow.

What did I get from it?  Did I come back a different person, a better person? Did I leave the place better than when I had arrived?

Maybe writing about it will help me effectively accomplish that goal.  Hope you enjoy the journey with me as much as I do. =)

Next stop… Portland, OR! =D

Edit: I guess this has turned into a blog that’s more than just about geographical traveling… and that I never wrote about Portland, but there’s still time. =)

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